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Sample First Page

By Mark Mc Quown

Chapter One 

           Marlowe is an ordinary  field mouse but as mice go, Marlowe is much, much more than that.  He lives alone in an underground burrow in a field not far from a farm house. Marlowe doesn’t like being alone.  He lost both of his parents and slowly, one by one, all of his brothers and sisters left the burrow in search of food.

           Marlowe wakes up one morning and looked around the empty burrow, filled with ratty-tat furniture made from human throw aways.  It’s getting cold and he senses a need to find a new shelter.  Marlowe preens his fur and notices it’s filling in and becoming a darker, reddish brown.  Certainly, winter is coming.  Quickly, Marlowe gathers everything that is important to him, which includes some old rings lost by the family in the house, a pocket watch with an inscription and a chain which Marlowe uses to drag the watch behind him.  He miraculously found the watch one night during an adventure into the barn which turned out badly for several of his younger cousins – but that’s another adventure.

           Marlowe carefully pokes his head out of the burrow opening as the sun begins to set behind the house.  He drags the watch up to the opening and looks in all directions before hopping out of the hole, pulling his treasures up with him.

           It is still warm but the wind carries a chill warning of the cold that is coming.  The tiny mouse looks at the barn and then the house and then back to the barn.  The barn is closer, but the house is warmer, and Marlow senses the heat with his nose and its whiskers. He keeps his eyes directly on the house as his little legs take off through the rock filled soil.  He jumps, he hops, he scurries – slides down on his side – stands up instantly and surges forward until he reaches the wood porch which he runs under and then stops.


         Marlowe is a brown, Virginia field mouse that wakes up one morning and decides to move across the field, out of his burrow and into the house of the people.   Marlowe moves into the room of an eleven-year-old Cole who believes the mouse is an alien and to that point he helps Marlowe learn how to speak.  What follows is an epic style story about a mouse who moves in with a family and then saves that family and a whole compound of humanity and animals, from a starving viral epidemic that removes almost all of the world’s population of animals globally in less than a year.  This is not a children’s tale. 

        Marlowe is a roller coaster ride through the epidemic that finally breaks down the medical prison walls and escapes onto the unsuspecting world – and this world is saved by a mouse who talks and wears a suit. This is a live action/adventure story, a 317-page fiction, unpublished novel aimed at Mainstream Fiction readers and the older portion of Young Adult Literature.  “Marlowe” the screenplay, which covers a little more than a third of the book, is represented on Inktip.com for sale.